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ON Saturday, October 30, 3 sidecars, 1 trike, 10 solos, 1 car and 21 able bodied (if not mentally alert) club enthusiasts set off from Albany in drizzling rain heading in the general direction of Wave Rock. The specified route, while not the shortest, more direct route, had been chosen for its variety of landforms, abundance of wildflowers and challenging road surfaces.
Smoko was at Ongerup and lunch at Lake Grace where the Bonds met up with some long-lost friends from Perth while the rest of us were entertained by a stupid (is there any other kind?) cat running away from a diving wattle-bird.
From Lake Grace to Hyden two routes presented themselves; one, a gravel road which most of us ventured upon and the other, a sealed road which Uncle Bob chose to take in order to Look after the girls should anything go wrong . . . YEAH, SURE BOB!!! 
For those of us who faced the challenge of the gravel, we were rewarded with Mother Nature's best wildflowers which lined the roadway making the trip worthwhile for those of us who do not get high on the smell of an oily rag!!!
Wave Rock was inundated with giant sized mozzies, so souvenir bites were all the rage. Pity though, Wave Rock itself was worth seeing despite the flying army. Robin slapped Mike across the face to rid him of one of these pests . . . what a beauty! (the mozzie, not the face!).
The Corrigin Windmill Motel was excellent value. The hosts, Gerard and Duky Rutten were very helpful and friendly. If you're ever out Corrigin way and need accommodation I'd certainly recommend this motel.
Sunday morning saw us head off to Yearling (see Jim I can SPELL IT CORRECTLY!) (NO YOU CAN'T its YEALERING -  ha ha, that'll teach you to have a go at me - Bob) to discuss a possible event for next year. Narrogin and Katanning were graced with our presence (we helped fill their coffers) until finally arriving home to sleepy downtown Denmark/Albany. A great weekend was had by all.
Watch this space for my next ROCK ADVENTURE outing.
Keep bums on seats.

The Magnificent Seven with their backs to the surf.

Story: Angie Saunders.