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ON June 20 we had a run out to Tippets Restaurant in Mt Barker.
There were 27 bikes on the ride, a mixture of old and new. First stop was Kamballup, where we met Wes and Barbara who had travelled from Bremer Bay for the ride, then down the Woogenellup Road to Mt Barker, some of the riders turning off to Kendenup, then joining the others at Tippets Restaurant.
We had a very nice lunch, with the Tippets working hard catering for 30 plus people, our hot roast rolls were huge!!
Apart from a bit of drizzle near Mt Barker the weather was great for this time of the year, ensuring an enjoyable ride.
Apparently two riders had their bikes fall over while they were sitting on them - apparently this happens with Italian bikes, but not normally BMW's!!
Returning to Albany via the Porongurups Bob Sutcliffe was spotted leisurely standing next to his HRD about 10ks from Bakers Junction, he'd ran out of petrol (embarrassing eh). So I stopped and chatted to Bob while Des Gaze had gone into Bakers Junction for fuel.
While we were waiting Zac arrived (very quietly) on his Z Kawasaki, guess what, he'd ran out of petrol as well - at the same spot!! How's that for co-incidence? Luckily Des had brought a BIG container of petrol back.
Anyway it was a good day with an excellent ride, lunch and turnout of members.