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November 2000 Club News

IAt the Gnowangerup Pub

Bikes outside the Gnowangerup PubWE had a huge turn-out for the overnight ride & poker run to the Gnowangerup Pub in October.
Martin, the publican, who has a Harley and 4 others rode to Albany from Gnowangerup to join us on the run.

We were also joined by Peter, a Dutch bloke, who had shipped his bike out from Holland, a Honda Translap V-Twin, and was near the end of his four month tour of Australia when he decided to join us. We'd previously met him in Broome and he was staying with Merv & Debbie in Albany.

The weather was perfect, the first cards were dealt out by Chris and Tricia, then its off to Manypeaks for the second card, then Kamballup, via the South Stirlings. Unfortunately three of our group, Wayne, Terry and Jim, got lost at South Stirlings! They turned left instead of right and travelled along a gravel road which eventually took them to, yep you guessed it, Manypeaks!
I get a few digs about getting lost in Katanning, but I think South Stirlings goes one better ha ha!

Back with the main group, the next card was at Bluff Knoll - there seemed to be less people again, and looking around we couldn't see the Gnowangerup riders or a couple from Albany. Andrew & Sue then turned up and when we returned to the main road the Gnowangerup riders were waiting at the Bluff Knoll cafe. On to Amelup for the next card and there were the missing trio, a bit dusty, but I think they had an enjoyable ride. And all this time the Dutch guy didn't take a wrong turn!

Then it was off to the Gnowangerup pub for a well deserved drink. There were about another 14 people from the BMW Club who were joining us for the evening. Eventually all were allocated their rooms and it was down to some serious socialising. The meal we had was excellent, the pub has a great dining room, complemented by matching old furniture.

After the meal, some stayed in the dining room, chatting the night away, others in the bar. Darts was the game of the night, playing Shanghai, there was quite a crowd playing, including Kathy from Perth, who went into some sort of gymnastic dance whenever she got a decent score. Wayne managed to actually score shanghai - treble, double and single in three darts - he must have had just the right mixture at the time.

There was a band in one of the rooms, played a bit of blues and rock 'n roll, some dancing was attempted late at night, but the maori guy playing lead guitar was worth sitting down and listening to - as I did just before midnight about the same time Terry did a burnout by the window where I was sitting, adding the smell of burnt rubber to the atmosphere.

Next morning most were up early waiting for the cooked breakfast, sausages, bacon, beans, spahgetti, eggs etc. This was then followed by Martin handing out of some great prizes for the poker run. These included a Mick Doohan picture, (click on the links to see pictures of winners) Glenfiddich, Sam Cougar bottle complete with hip flask, stubbie holders etc and BMW parts (courtesy of Gunner from Motts). Shortly it was time to hit the road, with riders going in different directions, the weather was once again perfect. Riding towards the Stirlings, I thought, what a great weekend!

See ya, Bob & Chris.