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Mike’s Mystery Run

 Well we jagged another fine day for Mike’s Mystery Run on September 12. The ride ended up at the look-out at Mt Shadforth for lunch. As usual we had a short route and a longer one. The shorter via Muttonbird Road, Youngs Siding and the longer down Yellingup Road, Denbarker Road etc. Most on this occasion took the longer route with the exception of a BMW, Triumph, AJS and BSA in company with three sidecars on the shorter one. A female, I won’t mention who, although she was riding a BSA, took the wrong turning at the Chester Pass Roundabout, but after getting back on track the rest of the trip was uneventful, but very pleasant. We met up with the other group in Denmark, Chris was merrily clicking away on the camera, when I happened to glance at the counter on the camera (aagh, I thought), I then mentioned to Chris that I’d put new batteries in it but forgot the film. This was greeted with hilarity by Chris who was getting her own back for the times she takes the wrong turning, and broadcast my blunder across the car park. After a while we realised that Don hadn’t arrived on his Indian Chief, last seen about 40ks ago, so Mike who was back-up with trailer and myself went looking for an Indian in the hills. But we hadn’t gone far before a smiling Don met us coming down the road. He’d had trouble with a HT lead which had been shorting out, but he’d solved the problem and our help wasn’t needed except for a top-up of petrol to get him to the service station. Lunch at the Denmark look-out, with fabulous views, was very pleasant and also offered the opportunity to meet a few new faces. We eventually took off for home. Thanks Mike for organising the ride and going back-up.