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Two Peoples's Bay Breakfast

PHIL next to his Royal EnfieldA LARGE crowd of over 30 sleepy and not so sleepy people gathered at Amity Tavern for the ride to Two People's Bay for breakfast.
I counted about 26 bikes of varying makes, models and ages.
The weather had been great for the past few days, windless, mild days and Sunday was no exception.

Off we went via Rocky Crossing Road, Chester Pass Road and Hunton Road for a cooked breakfast.
The line of bikes riding down Chester Pass Road looked spectacular.
We used both the BBQ's, and finished eating and talking around 10 am.
I was amazed to see John, Phil and Clive turn up as they had only arrived back from the very soggy Philip Island Superbikes the day before. They had some horrific stories to tell of the disastrous weather which struck the island, it was so bad two of their tents were shredded, they had to help each other push their bikes out of the waterlogged hill which was the campsite, and the second Superbike race was cancelled!
But back to Sunday, it was too nice a day to go straight home, so for those able to, it was off to Frenchman's Bay for an ice cream or drink.
CAN you see the fishing rod next to the BSA sidecar outfit - fish for breakfast maybe?? Jack's trike, "Crikey" is to the right of sidecar.
It's great riding around the harbour when everything is so still.
Chris and I got home about noon, it was a most enjoyable morning in great company. Thanks to Sue Haydock who went back-up, towing the trailer once again behind the VW Beetle.