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An Economy Run

Notice it's only BMW's and Ducati's, is there a hidden meaning to this?THE weather was shocking on Saturday, Sunday was a little better and our Economy Run was on.
Chris and I jumped on our bikes and headed off to Bakers Junction, will there be anybody else there? Most probably not, then we can go back home and light the fire!
Six others turned up expecting to do the same thing!
One of which was relatively new member Andy Browning - good to see you!
Jim Liversey was laughing, it was his turn to do back-up in his nice cosy Kingswood, ha! So we filled the bikes up, set the trip meters and off we went.

Heading towards Kamballup, there was a big black cloud with rain to the left and to the right of us, we were riding in the middle - somebody was looking after us. Then up the Woogenellup Road, the weather was still good, although very windy in spots. A bird was blown into the front wheel of Chris' BMW which was a bit unfortunate for the bird, but didn't bother the bike.

Coffee at Mt Barker before heading towards the Porongurups and then back to Bakers Junction.
The rain on the Porongurups road was torrential in parts making it difficult to see the road, and at the same time miss branches and other debris strung across it. We also hit heavy rain not far from our petrol stop.

At Bakers Junction the bikes were filled up again and the amount of fuel used recorded.
It was interesting to see what the different trip meters read, 147.2 kms, 141.7, 136.3, 140.9, 139 averaging out at 141kms. So I guess the two accurate speedos were Chris (141.7), BMW and Andy Browning (140.9), Ducati.

The original plan was Emu Point for lunch, where the calculations could be made, but this was changed to our house, with a number ducking home for some dry clothes. The blokes checked out our shed before we settled down in front of the fire for lunch, Lurl brought some lovely home-made soup which went down very well. After seeing who did what, we sat back and were entertained by Phil and John telling us about the Superbikes at Philip Island, the shocking weather, camping and various funny stories. In the end despite the weather we had a most enjoyable time. Thanks to (Lucky) Jim Liversey for going back-up.

Rider Bike litres klm/litre m.p.g.
Phil Penny 1982 BMW R100RS sidecar 12.38 11.38 32.10
Phil Ramsden 2000 Ducati 750 Monster 7.05 20.00 56.00
John Bond 1980 BMW R100RT sidecar 12.70 11.10 31.30
Andy Browning  2001 Ducati ST4  7.27  19.39  54.75
Andrew Haydock  1985 BMW R65  6.12  23  65.00
Chris Rees  1976 BMW R60/6  7.82  18.03  50.90
Bob Rees  1951 BMW R51/3  8.10  17.40  49.14