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Australia Day in Walpole... and the weather's great. 

Quite a few happy campers set off for Walpole, lunch was at Parry's Beach. I had to work, but was able to knock off a bit earlier, arriving at Coalmine Beach around 5.30 pm, had a great ride out around Scotsdale Road. Chris had ridden the sidecar and by the time I arrived the tent was up and the beer was nice and cold in the esky, what more could you want!! Apparently during the afternoon Mal and Kelly were requesting scones for afternoon tea from the ladies in the group - obviously used to High Tea - and that's got nothing to do with marijuana. The girls offered to make damper if they had the ingredients. Next minute Mal and Kelly were dragging flour etc from their tents! So Lurl made the damper, with a LOT of advice. 

The next day Lurl made another damper and the general concensus was it was better than the first and this was with NO ADVICE!!!! The camping spot was great we had several fires, BBQ's, even an electric BBQ under cover - with a bench and an electric kettle. Ah such luxury. Six members of the BMW Club also turned up making it quite a cross-section of bikers. All up there were over 30 people. A most enjoyable night was spent around the campfires. Next day after a very leisurely breakfast we left for a ride around the back blocks of Walpole ending up at Bow River store where we were entertained by an emu and half a dozen chicks. David Webb ended up straddling the poor old emu, who must have thought his luck was in, mind you Mary had a go as well. Then it was off to the Walpole pub for lunch before heading back to camp. 

Huw, Chris and I were talking to bloke on a Harley, he'd broken his heel jumping off his truck, he had crutches to help him walk, these he tied to the handlebar, he'd come down from Leonora, picking up his girlfriend at Boyup Brook. Her seat was a towel wrapped around the back mudguard! We told them it must be true love. Another four turned up that afternoon to boost our numbers. We were entertained that evening by a German bloke on his guitar, he was very good after quite a few songs he told us that he'd spoken to God and burst into "Jesus loves me". It must be said I know of one person who was touched by this experience. He then lent me the guitar where I sang The House of The Rising Sun, I tried a few more songs, but was having difficulty remembering the words and trouble playing the guitar! It was a most enjoyable evening. After breakfast the next day we were entertained by a group of people trying to bump start Phil's sidecar outfit in the sand. And then another sunny ride home.






The dead BMW and the rear view of the pushers, this is called a bum start.