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Huntington Awareness Ride

A group of about 12 of us went out to meet Tracey and Damon at the Bluff Knoll Cafe on Friday, Feb 2, considering it was a work day it was a good turnout. After introductions we settled on the verandah for a while chatting and enjoying a cold drink. We then escorted them into Albany. The purpose of the  ride was to make the public more aware of Huntington's disease, which Tracey has, and the way they chose to do it was to ride around Oz on a couple of Harley Sportsters for six months. They were sponsored by various bike and accessory shops, YHA and the Huntington Disease Association which bought the bike for Tracey, it's to be sold after they returned - Tracey is hoping to buy it herself. They'd covered 30,000kms and they had only suffered a couple of oil leaks and a puncture, at 100-110kms, Tracey was getting around 60mpg!! The club had a BBQ at Middleton Beach on the Sat night which Tracey and Damon attended. They left on Monday after many media interviews and a change of plugs courtesy of Great Southern Motorcycles. 


TRACEY and Damon at the Saturday night BBQ at Middleton Beach.