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Cosy Breakfast

THE recent bush fires at Two People's Bay forced a change of venue for the Breakfast Run in January. Cosy Corner became the new destination, and a large contingent of members turned up, I counted 24 bikes, so riders and pillions kept the BBQ's at Cosy busy. There were a few of our members at the Blues night at Wignalls Winery the night before who said that they would be at the Amity Tavern at 8 am, but for some reason they were absent, a bit of trouble getting out of bed perhaps??? 

After breakfast the majority went on to check out the newly bitumised Eden Road. The turn off to this road is just past Youngs Siding and it takes you to the Nullaki Peninsular, finishing at Anvil Beach. The beach is great for fishing, swimming etc, very picturesque. The road had been a 4WD track, but over quite a long period parts had been bitumised. The Thursday before our run the last bit of road was tarred. It's a great ride, although it pays to be on the lookout for loose stones on corners, and apparently in the afternoon, there's a lot of wildlife around, ranging from roos to alpacas. A donkey was spotted on our morning ride!! (and it wasn't riding a bike). A vote was taken at Anvil Beach and it was decided to stop at the Blueberry Farm on the return trip along Eden Road for some home-made blueberry ice cream - very nice too.  

The mob at Anvil BeachTHE happy band of vintage and classics at Anvil Beach.