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The Club was formed in 1999 to cater for the needs of local enthusiasts of Vintage and Classic bikes. At present we have 196 members. We are a group of people with a variety of motorcycles from the very old to the very new, and our interest is the restoration and enjoyment of all machines.

We wish to expand the interest in older bikes by encouraging younger members and we have no prejudice about the year, size or make of motorcycle. We are a social club with an emphasis on enjoying ourselves with maximum participation by all members - family and friends are always welcome.

We have short and longer runs suitable for all types of bikes, with back-up trailer available on the slower rides. The Club is able to concessionally license motorcycles over 25 years old. The current annual licence for these bikes is around $38.

A magazine is published every two months, complete with local articles and the Club calendar. Visitors are always welcome to our rides or meetings. Monthly meetings are held at 8 pm on the third Wednesday of each month at Lotteries House, North Road, Albany.

Membership is $25 a year, $25 application fee.

All rides leave from the tourist bay at the junction of Chester Pass Road and Mercer Road.

Contact Details

Bob Rees
Mobile: 0428 915 556

Vice President
Kim Thompson
Mobile: 0409 080 317

Chris Prescott
Mobile: 0458 605 952

Assistant Secretary
Ian Grant
Phone: 9846 4011

Chester Powell
Phone: 9842 6263

Assistant Treasurer
Steve Lucas
Mobile: 0458 562 088

Membership Secretary
Chris Rees
Mobile 0458 286 639

Property Officer
Robin and Neil Bromilow
Phone: 9844 6275

Chris Harrison
Phone: 9841 5846

Website Manager
John McKinnon

Machine Registrar and 1st Time Examiner
Colin Dowsett
Mobile: 0418 900 626

For Historic Club Plates - Perth:
Huw Jones
Mobile: 0439 930 368

Ride Co-ordinators
Long rides:
Garry Taylor
Mobile: 0413 067 346
Short Rides
Ian Grant
Phone: 9846 4011

Contributions to Club News can also be sent direct to the Editor
13 Stewart St, Albany, WA 6330

Monthly Meetings
Held at 8 pm on the third Wednesday of each month at: Lotteries House, North Road, Albany

Ride Departure Point
Tourist bay at the junction of Chester Pass Road and Mercer Road

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