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ABOUT 20 turned up for the Tuning Day/Sausage Sizzle which was held on Saturday, January 8. Having it on the Saturday caused a bit of confusion, with some people going to arrive on the Sunday! As well as the idea of hopefully helping anyone with problems with their bike, it was also an opportunity to take some pictures of bikes owned by club members to feature on the cover of this magazine. 

We were able to use a white back-drop while photographing the bikes. The reason being that later when the pictures were scanned onto the computer screen we wouldn't have the hassle of cutting out spoked wheels etc., which is a very slow process. One of the new photos is shown below.

It turned into quite a sociable day with those present enjoying a chat, helping setting up the bikes for the pictures, and the sausage sizzle. The eskies full of cold cool drink were also in demand as the day was quite warm. A can of drink or a sausage in a bread roll were a $1 each, and at the end of the day the club made $10 profit. 

There was a good crowd from Denmark including Judy, who has only recently obtained her K license, on a 60/6 BMW, as well as John who has bought a 250cc having just got his L class licence. But it wasn't until Harry Hare arrived on his 350cc 4 cyl Honda that mechanical advice was needed. He was wondering if the cam chain noise on his bike was normal. Several pairs of knowledgeable ears were put to use and the consensus was that it sounded fine. Apart from spotting an upside down BMW rocker cover, that was the extent of the tuning for the day.