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Manjimup Ride

ANOTHER great winter's day for riding, sunny and no wind.
Today's ride was longer than our usual, taking us through Rocky Gully, Manjimup, Walpole Denmark (about 430kms), but on some of the best roads in the region.
So with about a dozen eager bikers, on their mainly quicker bikes left the Amity Tavern at 9 am.
First casualty of the day was Rob on his Moto Guzzi, it started leaking oil quite badly when we got to the junction of the Narrikup and Denbarker Road, so he took off gingerly for home.
Christine and Debbie rode as far as the turn-off, but then headed into Denmark for morning tea, not wanting to travel the full distance.
We carried on before stopping at Rocky Gully where we were entertained by a bloke on his 650 BSA who was flying around the place, literally, I think he had been taking an illegal substance.
As Merv kicked his Ducati into life he noticed the lower exhaust clamp had come loose, that was fixed with some wire and pliers from one of the locals.
Off we headed to Manjimup where we had lunch in a cafe which is incorporated in the Tourist Bureau, nice too.
Then it was time for the blast, er, I mean ride, to Walpole.
Apart from a wet patch at the bridge over the Shannon River the road was dry and relatively free of traffic.
We stopped at Walpole for a chat, drink etc before heading for home.
It was a great ride in perfect weather.
The rule of thumb for these rides is that you go at your own pace, there's no pressure to keep up with anyone.
Inevitably the slowest always arrives not that long after the quickest.