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Not the Alpaca Farm Run (aka Kendenup)

Cryptic crossword: several old ones under signCONSIDERING the overcast, wet day there was a good turn out for the ride to the Alpaca Farm.
Well, that was where we were planning to go but it was decided that it would be more prudent to go inland instead of around the coast to damp Denmark.
So the ride went to Narrikup then right at the Denbarker Road turning left onto the Muir Highway, then right ending up on the Sturdee Road which took us to Kendenup, our lunch destination.
By co-incidence, what should turn up but two alpacas, getting towed in a trailer, destination unknown!
After a very pleasant lunch, it was along the Woogenellup Road to Kamballup, where we bumped into a couple of riders including Zac on his VFR.
Although the weather looked gloomy, we only went though two brief showers, but there was no wind - which is always a bonus and made the ride most enjoyable.
Even more enjoyable was I'd finally sorted the new carbie on my '51 AJS and it went beautifully, it was supplied with the wrong needle!
Thanks to Ray Closel and son, Jesse, who went back-up.