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A Day of Running Out of Juice
The ride to Parry's Beach was on in February. A good turnout of bikes took off for firstly Denmark: (Slow ride via Lower Denmark Road/Faster ride via Narrikup, Denbarker Road). As usual both groups arrived at the same time.

We were met there by Craig and partner from Broome riding a much modified Harley Shovel Sportster, they live part of the year in Denmark, the rest in Broome doing astrology tours! It was then up and over Scotsdale Road to Parry's Beach.

Mal and Craig on the VTR twins Lunch was eaten and a fair bit of gasbagging had taken place when Gary Dibble offered Mal a ride of his new Honda VTR fuel injected V-twin. So off Mal and (another) Craig, who has the same model, went for their ride. They were gone quite a while and as time went by I started to worry a little.

I spoke to Phil Russell and he offered to have a look for them. He came back with the thumbs up sign. Craig had run out of petrol just before the turning into Parry's Beach. Gary Dibble was very cool I must say, I think I was worrying more than him. Now Linda was doing back-up using our ute and trailer.

When we were at Parry's Beach Linda said the petrol guage was on empty! I thought, my fault I should have checked the guage at home, cause when it says empty is generally is. So Linda took off for Albany with me behind on my 1951 BMW.

Choc milk carton to the rescueSure enough 20ks from Denmark the bloody thing ran out of juice. I found an empty choc milk carton, drained fuel from the BMW into it so it could pour it into the ute. I thought if we were quick enough nobody would notice, but I was caught out as Mal and Phil rocked up, they thought it was hilarious the back-up ute needing help. Off we went again, but I hadn't put enough in as it stopped again 10ks from Denmark - Lucky I kept the choc milk carton! See, no two rides are the same even for the back-up vehicle!