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December 2019 Club News

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The Starter's View of the Climb

By Brendon Flower

As much as I dread every year slipping by as what seems to me to be faster and faster thereís always that one weekend I canít wait to be here and thatís our club hillclimb.

Brendon waves the flag and they're off.
As far back as 2001 I cannot recall missing one event, from the incredible display of beautiful classic and modern bikes on Stirling Terrace with the poker run in the afternoon on the Saturday to the Hillclimb on the Sunday.

From the sights the sounds and the smells of the classic bikes screaming, smoking and sometimes out of control racing up the hill all with the added individual charisma of each rider it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up every time.

Paul burns up the hill on his Kawasaki 900.
I didnít join the club until 2016 and havenít really been to involved with the club until 2018 when I was asked to help with the starting of the Hillclimb.

I was set to share the starting with Andy Roberts until Garry Blake made the mistake of handing Andy the microphone, where he quickly found his true calling as a race announcer so I was left to me to wave that flag for the whole day which I absolutely loved as it put me front and centre for all the action.

Rod Chessell - raring to go.
I must have done a good enough job that I was lucky enough to be asked back again this year to do it all again. I jumped at the opportunity.

Leading up to the hillclimb and on the day I had a serious case of the man flu which I know any other man can vouch for me how bad it can get, but I wasnít going to let it stop me from attending the whole weekend.
On the Sunday I arrived there at 6am to find nearly everything was already setup thanks to all our amazing club members.

Everything just seemed to click together so smoothly and before I could even get a lap in to check out all the incredible bikes it was time to start.

As always, I had an incredible day of dropping the flag, talking to spectators that were constantly complimenting the club on how much of a great event it was, to once again copping some stick from my old mate Andy on the other end of the microphone, and it is still my most favourite event of the year.

Rhona Finnigan making her move.
I'd like to say well done to all the riders and I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did, and a big pat on the back to all our amazing club members for the work that goes in to organising this incredible event.

Thanks all and I look forward to seeing you again next year.

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