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December 2019 Club News

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Feeding the Famished

By Raelene Blake pics by Drew and Andy

For the second year running everyone was happy to be holding the Climb event on Marine Drive. It also means we have the use of town BBQs and can feed our fabulous volunteers who willingly appear at 5.30am to work like crazy setting up the track for a successful day.

I arrived at the beach at 6.00am to get the breakfast underway, closely followed by Antoinet, who had already been helping set up the tallying tent we would use for the day.

Ray about to eat the bun with Antoinet, Raelene, Trudy and Petra watching.
Trudy and Petra arrived, so it was all hands on buns to be buttered and getting the bacon and eggs cooking.
By 7am the first of the hungry volunteers made their way over to us for a well earned bacon and egg burger. I think the smell led them in the right direction.

More hungry workers: Ray (again), Ronnie, Colin, John D, Bob W.
In no time we had fed everyone, with a few blokes managing a 2nd burger... well Kim is the President!

The surf club members were just finishing their rowing and all looking very hungry. As we had a few burgers left over, they seemed like very worthy recipients as they do a brilliant job looking after the swimmers during the summer months at Middleton.

After a quick clean-up, it was off to the tallying/recording tent for the day. So many ladies helping this year made it a great day for everyone, as we could wander off and have a look at the bikes and the start line and there was always someone in the tent.

Pressure in the results tent: Raelene, Trudy and Leanne.
It always gets a bit hectic towards the end of the last run when we have to work out the time to the 10th of the second. But everything went smoothly and there werent too many riders with very close times, maybe
the rain helped out here!

A big thank you to Antoinet, Trudy, Petra and Leanne for helping out in the tent this year.

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