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December 2019 Club News

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The Co-ordinator

By Bob Whittingstall

Many thanks to everyone that helped make the 2019 Hillclimb a success.
Rhona Finnigan - Female Winner, Bob Whittingstall and Kim Thompson.As it was my first year as co-ordinator, I did not know how much effort and paperwork was required. In the end it was all worth it seeing the smiles on peopleís faces and I enjoyed the challenge and met a lot of club members who I did not know.

The club lifted to help to make it happen. With a few phone calls to Garry Blake, Bob Rees, Chester, Kim, Colin (who did the sponsors), a great deal of help was available.

On the day we started at 5.30am with a lot of club members and other riders turning up to help. I went with Bruce to put a bit of temporary fencing at the lookout and by the time we got back to the start line it was all done. A great effort by all.

Massed bikes at the first stop on the hilltop.
I would like to thank Chester, Phillip and Ron for putting up all the road signs. It is a big job to get this right, and all the marshals, especially the ones that did the Forts turn-off. They probably could only smell a bit of 2-stroke oil. The time-keepers and the ladies doing the timing entries both had very busy jobs.

Bruce (startmaster) talks to Tom (Toad) on the startline.
Many people made it work: Brendon the starter, Steve the track marshal, Andy the comms base operator, and all the club members who helped at the start line, and the Albany volunteer fire brigade who helped with marshaling duties.

Kim Thompson with overall winner Tim Hesford.
Well done to Tim Hesford, the overall winner, and to the other winners. It is Timís tenth year coming to the Hillclimb. He is based in Hong Kong, where he is a passenger jet pilot but makes time for this Albany event.
Tim on his Manx Norton at the hilltop stop.
Letís keep this unique event running as long as we can. It is all about having a good and safe time on motorcycles. What more could anyone want?

Winners of the 2019 Hillclimb

Overall Winner - Tim Hesford. Nominated time was 43 seconds- results of the 3 runs Ė 43, 43 and 42.9, giving a final score of only 0.1 second lost.

Best performance by a male other than the winner was David Lind
Best performance by a female - Rhona Finnigan
Tanya waiting at the startline.
Best performance by a female other than the winner - Tanya Chrystall
Best Sidecar - G.Britza & R Jeffrey
Best Pre-1931 - Peter Lawson
Alan Auburn (Best presented bike) with Paul Armstrong.
Best Presented Bike - Alan Auburn with his 1927 Harley Davidson Peashooter

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