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October 2019 Club News

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Chris Rees Memorial

To our dear Chris,
It is 5 am Monday morning and I smiled when I woke up from a very restless night. I had to think about you because you and I would often meet very early in the morning on our camping trips as we were both terrible sleepers.

We always had a chat while everyone else was still sleeping. You were always interested in what Ronnie and I were up to and we admired you for what you and Bob did.

Chris in the hillclimb event 2018.
You are still a great example to us and also to a lot of people in our awesome club. Especially to the women I think, you were one tough lady dear Chris, riding your beloved BMW for hours on all the great trips we have done through the years.

Vikki Thorn of the Waifs sings for Chris' family and the gathered people.
This last weekend has been absolutely emotional and beautiful, you would have loved it Chris. Your girls did such an amazing job organizing this celebration of your amazing life. Hundreds of people gathered at Middleton Beach on Saturday to remember you.

Bob speaks at Chris' memorial service.
Your dear Bob came down from Perth on Thursday to be here too and it was so good to see him here.

Alex and Katrina singing with Bob.
There were many great tributes and beautiful songs were sung, all for you Chris, as we miss you so very much. Life will never be the same but we will make sure we will all look after Bob in one way or the other because you would be so worried about him. He is doing so well you know and he misses you so much but he is very positive and so determined to get strong.

Part of the crowd at Chris' memorial.
Our trips away will never be the same because you won't be there with us but we will carry you in our hearts forever and we cherish many beautiful memories of you.

Love always, Antoinet.

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