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October 2019 Club News

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Anvil Beach Ride

By Steve Lucas

It was a fantastic bit of weather- not too cold and no wind. We left the info bay going around Marine Drive and looking out at our amazing King George Sound with quite a few boats out there fishing.

We continued along the Lower Denmark Road to Youngs Siding. About five bikes stopped at Elleker to get a nice coffee and caught up with the rest of us at Youngs Siding. We all continued down Eden Road to Anvil Beach where we stopped.

Wilson's Inlet jetty. Some of us had a look at the ocean from the lookout platform and then we all went back to a fantastic picnic area off Nullahoi Drive. It was on the edge of the Wilson Inlet where there was also a small jetty and boat ramp. A great spot for lunch.

There were 16 bikes and only two ladies. Where are all the lovely ladies? I asked Steve Collins where his lovely Chris was - and he said “He went and got a newspaper and Chris was still in bed!” But perhaps if Steve was on his Rocket which has a bit more pillion comfort than his immaculate BSA (Bloody Sore Ass), Chris might have come...maybe?

So us blokes do have some fantastic old and new bikes, but we do forget the older bikes unfortunately don’t have the comfort for the pillion. And some blokes like to ride as if they are on a race track and sort of forget that they have their lovely lady behind them, hanging on for their lives! And some ladies
don’t like that – funny that...

My excuse why my lovely Yvonne wasn’t doing backup with me was because she unfortunately had to work. But all in all it was a great day.

PS I reckon and I think all will agree with me, that our new dodgy, beardless president is doing a fantastic job! Good on ya Kim!

Cheers all - Steve

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