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June 2019 Club News

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Tuning Day and Sausage Sizzle

Photos by John Mac and Bob R

Paul Fry about to head back to Denmark.
There's less tuning to be done these days and more socialising. But thereís nothing the matter with that.
Chatting hard in the shed between tunes.
We did manage to tune up four pairs of carburettors, diagnose a loose bolt and discuss ABS on a GS BMW, and the rest of the time socialising.

Kim, Joe and Robert admiring Johnís Triumph.
The day was going to be reasonably warm, especially for late April. So Chester who volunteered to bring over the Club gazebo and chairs, also brought over his own gazebo as well for extra shade - as well as his urn for hot water. Good on you Chester.

I think the first to arrive were Ronnie and Antoinet who helped put the gazebos up.
Max with his motorised pushbike wearing full safety gear taking some advice from Warwick.
Club members then started appearing throughout the morning, some on bikes, some in cars, some on motorised pushbikes, others on pedal-powered pushbikes and some walking, it was a bit like York Street!

So it was down to business, first up was morning tea especially as some had brought cakes and biscuits for the occasion.

Next a bit of tuning before it was time for the sausage sizzle.
The cooks, Warwick, Chester and Max, the duck looking worried.
Warwick, Chester and Max were doing a sterling job with the sausages and onions, it's a bit hard to guess how many to buy, but it worked out spot-on.
Eating hard between bouts of chatting hard.

Team working on Bob's sidecar.
Then it was time for a bit more fiddling in the shed before time to put our feet up and spend the rest of the day socialising. Before everybody went we made sure all the gear that Chester had brought was ready for him to take home.

Thanks to the cooks, the cake and biscuit bringers and to Chester - an invaluable member of the Club.

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