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June 2019 Club News

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The Stirlings Camp

Story by Antoinet, pics (mostly) by John Mac

Around the fire Friday night.
We were all very excited to hear that after the huge success of last years overnighter at John and Kerry's block they were happy to have us back this year! And not for one night but two! Most people were planning to head there for both nights but others had commitments and could only stay for the Friday or the Saturday night.

Ronnie and I both had to work but could finish earlier so we decided to head over in the car and we pulled the trailer with one of our bikes on it and we also trailered Garry Taylor's bike as he was towing his caravan.
A group of riders had left in the morning to go the long way around and others made their own way there.

Louise and John putting up their tent.
When we got there, there was quite a few people already, six riders from Perth had just arrived before us and we were soon busy setting up campers and tents. Then of course a coldie or two and some nice nibbles to go with it.

Fabulous block overlooking the Stirlings.
The views are absolutely amazing, it doesn't matter what time of the day it is. Sunset was pretty and soon there was a fire roaring. Barbeques were lit and dinners were cooked. The music was playing and some had a lot of fun dancing around the big gas lantern.
Yep, they’re pole dancing again!

Bruce and the two Johns modelling their hats. See how you can buy one next edition.
Chester's Trudy had been very busy making hats for the Platypus Charity in Vietnam. This was very handy as the temperature dropped and quite a few hats were sold. Great work Trudy, they are real happy hats.

The sky was full of stars and everyone was happy chatting and socialising. Colin had brought his favourite whiskey: Fireball Whiskey. It is made in Canada and it has got cinnamon in it.

Ronnie bringing out his inner buffalo.
Ronnie and Colin love the stuff and they both looked a bit too deep in the small glass (this is a Dutch saying for drinking too much) - Ronnie needed some assistance from me to get to our Troopy and I made sure he was in bed before I returned to the fire to warm up.

I must have been very tired because I slept like a log and was the first one to get up to watch the sunrise and to stoke up the fire. John got up soon after to turn on the generator. Kerry and him had organised a toilet and an en-suite! So there were 2 toilets and a shower! The water was hot, so a lot of us enjoyed a refreshing shower.
It was a bit quieter in the morning.

Bacon and eggs were soon sizzling on the barbeque and the urn was hot for coffees and teas. At around 10.30 we got ready to go for a ride to the windmill at the Lily. John and Kerry know Pleun and Hennie and they had organised a talk about the windmill. It was very interesting, the location is absolutely beautiful looking back towards the Stirlings.
The windmill at the “Lily”.

Douglas DC-3 at the Lily.
We also had a look at the Dakota that has been restored and is now available to stay in. I told a friend at work about it and showed her some photos of the plane. She was so excited and booked a night for her and her husband. She doesn't like flying but is looking forward to stay the night in a stationary plane!

On the way home through the Stirlings.Most people had lunch at the Bluff Knoll cafe and some of us went back to the camp to have some lunch.

Wes and Barbara had arrived and were soon busy getting a big piece of homegrown beef ready to cook for hours in the Webber. The weather was again beautiful, warm and sunny so a good excuse for another coldie or two.

John and Kerry had been busy organising a treasure hunt. There were clues hidden in trees, logs, on posts or under rocks. The clue would tell you where to go looking for the next one. There were also small gifts, chocolates and wines hidden. Ronnie, Bruce, Andrew, Chris, John S, Raelene and me had a great time finding and looking for clues.

Bruce and Ronnie were very keen on winning and they were nearly running, trying to beat each other. It took us about an hour to complete the circuit and we thanked John and Kerry again for all the effort they had put in.

More drinkies and nibbles and catching up. The beef was served with gravy in rolls and it was absolutely delicious. A lot of people had an earlier night as the night before had been a big one for a lot of them.
Another stunning morning the next day and after coffees, teas, breakfasts and cakes it was time to pack up and help tidy up.

John and Kerry, we thank you again for everything. We had a wonderful time on the block and you have worked so hard to make it a special weekend for everyone.

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