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June 2019 Club News

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An autumn ride to the Porongurups

Photos by John Mac

Line-up of some of the bikes.
It was one of those really nice autumn days, sunny and not much wind, but pretty cool. We met at the info bay and from there the older bikes went to the Strawberry Farm around the corner for a coffee.
Andrew and R26 BMW.
The quicker bikes went for a longer ride taking in Hunton Road. Eventually we were all at the Strawberry Farm warming ourselves with coffee and cake.

Then it was up Millbrook Road, Albany Hwy before turning down Yellanup Road and onto the Porongurups.
Darlene and Geoff arrive after some directional confusion.
Some decided to go a different way, some went by way of the gravel roads. Others decided to get sort of semi-lost. And three of the 12 riders decided to go home.

Lunching in the Porongurups.
Eventually we all met up at the BBQ area in the National Park. The BBQ was working, which is always a good sign, and our sausages etc were cooked.

Yamaha for a change.
After chatting and socialising for a while after lunch it was time to head home. It was still a little on the cool side, but it really was a beautiful ride. Thanks to Garry and Raelene for doing back-up duties.

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