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June 2019 Club News

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Bluff Knoll Ride

Looking back towards Albany.
We hadn't been up to Bluff Knoll for a while, so with the weather looking a bit iffy and Chester with the Club’s National Parks Pass in his pocket, just under 20 bikes set off for Mt Barker up Millbrook Road. Which coincidentally was where the Vintage Bike Club was heading (on their way to Narrikup).

As we left the info bay it was starting to drizzle and by the time we made it to the King River Tavern it looked like it was going to set in. So I decided to pull over, together with Ed Shekell (and a couple of other vintage riders) and put my wet weather pants on - this would also have the effect of the rain stopping - which it did when we got to Mt Barker. And that was it for the rest of the day.

The queue for a coffee was pretty long at the Bakery, I think we’ll have to change the coffee venue in Barker, but it was very social, so no complaints. About four of the riders returned to Albany via the Porongurups.

The rest rode up the highway to just past Tenterden and then onto the Salt River Road, which coming from the north into the Stirlings looks stunning, especially with the sun shining on the mountains.

Lunchtime with Bluff Knoll in the background.
Before long we were riding up the bends to Bluff Knoll where we managed to occupy a couple of tables.
It really was a fabulous day for the ride and the Stirlings looked stunning.

After lunch it was time to head home. A most enjoyable ride with the round trip taking approx 250kms.

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