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April 2019 Club News

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Walmsley’s Cars, Bikes and Coffee

Part of the bike display.
This was the second year we’ve been to this event as a Club and it's a fantastic day. We put our gazebos up before 9am and a fabulous assortment of bikes rolled up to be put on display.

1911 Abington King Dick with wicker sidecar.
Apart from the bikes there were many vintage and classic cars, tractors and stationary motors all displayed throughout the extensive grounds.

John’s beautiful recently acquired Matchless 500 twin.
It’s held on Gordon and Margaret’s property on Robinson Road and it gives Gordon the opportunity to display some of the varied machinery that he has.

Some of Gordon’s extensive collection of tractors.

There was plenty to see during the day.
There’s also a swap meet and of course coffee and food available. The Club and Chester’s gazebo were well used during the day and having our own chairs to use is an extra benefit.

At around 2.30pm we were pulling the gazebos down, getting ready to move to the Rifle Club for the gymkhana and 20th Anniversary BBQ.

This looks like hard work ha ha.
Many thanks to Chester, in particular, for running around with the trailer from morning till late at night.
And congratulations to Gordon and Margaret for another very successful event.

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