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April 2019 Club News

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20th Anniversary Celebrations at the Rifle Club

Pics by John and Antoinet

Bob and Chris against Ronnie and Antoinet - we look victorious.
It's twenty years since the Club was formed so it was only fitting to have some type of celebration. We made a weekend of it with firstly the Club putting on a bike display at the Walmsley’s Car, Bike and Machinery Day at their property in Robinson Road in the morning.

Chester had been busy getting the Club trailer ready to carry gymkhana paraphernalia, chairs, plus the Club gazebo and his own gazebo too to take out to the display that morning

Charles and his superb BMW R90S.
Then later on in the afternoon we moved to the Rifle Club where the Gymkhana and BBQ would take place.
So as soon as the display had finished at the Walmsleys we loaded up Chester’s ute and the Club trailer to transfer everything to the Rifle Club.

First thing when we arrived (apart from making sure the bar was open) was to set up tents, swags and campervans for those staying overnight.

Postie and Toni in the gymkhana.
Then we sorted out what we were going to do for the gymkhana. Garry had downloaded an excellent course for the slalom and so we marked it out with witches hats.

Chester was using his timer as various bikes and sidecars completed the course, or tried to, sometimes going the right way and most of the time the wrong way, but nobody worried one way or the other.

Three wise men on a sidecar.
The idea was to be the quickest around the witches hats, who won? Nobody had a
clue ha ha.

Whilst this was happening the Club had provided nibbles to go with your drinks organised by Antoinet and Ronnie.

Next was the paper chase. Four buckets were put out, two one end of the course and two the other. The buckets at the one end had four rolled-up newspapers which had to be picked up and transferred to the other end.

So there were two bikes (or sidecars) competing against each other. This was great fun, the only buckets that got damaged were the ones that Chris ran over - and they were her buckets to begin with ha ha.

Chris and Kerry in the paper race.
It was great to see not just blokes getting into the fun of it but teams of ladies too. This was followed by musical chairs. I think this is the first time we’ve ever done this using actual chairs, normally we’re diving for something, but it was just as much fun and you end up a lot cleaner.

Andreas with Raelene who’s concentrating on that chair.
There were 11 bikes (I think) starting off, so for example 11 bikes - only 10 chairs, once the horn was sounded (by Huw the ringmaster) then the pillion had to run and jump in a chair.

Matt and Xena looking like winners.
The winner was Xena, Matt Hamersley’s four-year-old daughter. Now she did have the advantage of Calvin grabbing a chair and running towards her as she hopped off dad’s bike.

Calvin has just put Xena back in the circle much to everyone’s enjoyment.
Calvin would then carry her sitting on the chair back to the centre - it was hilarious. She was a very popular winner.

By then we’d been going for about two hours and darkness was about to set in and so even though there were a few more games we could have done we headed over to the Clubhouse for more drinks and to cook the BBQ.

Originally it was going to be a sitdown meal. But on reflection this is much more sociable as you mingle more with everyone - and you can eat whatever you like - a much better idea.

Chris cutting the 20th Anniversary cake.
Kim had organised a Celebratory Cake, now this was an absolute ripper of a sponge cake with the Club logo done in chocolate in the centre.

Antoinet serves Steve some cake..
After the President’s wife cut the cake we all dived in and grabbed a slice. The evening carried on with more celebratory drinks, much socialising and laughter.

Chester lighting the replica American Civil War canon.
The surpringly loud bang of the cannon.
Then Doug came out in the American Civil War gear and his famous canon. With the Hamersley children helping him the first of several rounds of his canon were fired, well, you can’t have a night out at the Rifle Club with ending in a bang can you?

Then time to sit around with more socialising and drinks before heading for the tent, what time was that don’t know. But it was a great night.

Thanks to all the helpers, before and on the day. And to everyone who came out on the night - especially the Club members who made the effort to ride down from Perth.

Next day there was a Club Ride to Cheynes Beach via the Porongurups and Kamballup with lunch provided by Lorraine and Chris Prescott.

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