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April 2019 Club News

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Afternoon Cosy Corner BBQ Ride

Good to see some rare bikes Mark's fabulous Suzuki looks great.
There's always a good turn-out for this annual ride and this time was no different. And to top it off it was a perfect day for riding.

Millbrook Road is in quite good condition these days so the ride up there was most enjoyable before a short ride on the Albany Highway and then down towards Redmond.

Russell rode his Suzuki Katana down from Geraldton in very hot weather. Lovely bike.
The shop was shut as usual, but there is a nice area for a break with plenty of shade. The ride on the back roads to Cosy Corner involves a little bit of gravel road. It's pretty smooth, but can get very dusty at this time of the year. One year a truck came the other way and it was difficult to see, but this year fortunately there was no other traffic on the road.

Par for course the Cosy Corner BBQs werent working properly but because Colin Veale was doing back-up duties with Chester riding shotgun, we were able to use the Club BBQ once again.

Colin and Chester successfully lighting the Club BBQ.
There was a bit of a problem lighting it especially as these days very few people smoke, maybe we should keep a couple of boxes of matches in the Club trailer too. Anyway Colin and Chester put the hard yards in and got the BBQ to work, and it soon filled up with tasty morsels.

Once the BBQ was going it was very busy.
After a lot of chatting, laughter and socialising it was time to head home.

Thanks to Colin (and Chester) for towing the back-up trailer and keeping the hungry hordes at bay.

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