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February 2019 Club News

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Bring your oldest bike ride

Large gathering of bikes and riders.
The “Bring Your Oldest Bike Ride” in January brought out a large turnout of bikes - covering a large range of makes and ages on an ideal summer day.

Riders' briefing at the start of the ride.
The Albany Section of the Vintage Motorcycle Club joined us for the ride and it was great to see them turn up giving members of both Clubs the opportunity to renew old friendships and be able to make new ones.

John and Kerry enjoying the ride on their Ariel.
The ride took us to Youngs Siding for a coffee/ice cream stop. We spread ourselves out on the way so as not to hold up any traffic.

Ray's high-pipe Ariel.
There were four Ariels in attendance, which is unusual. Unfortunately Garry’s bike started making some unfriendly noises at Youngs Siding and he decided it would be prudent to put the bike on the trailer until he could get it home and find out what the problem was.

Bob Boyes was very pleased to be of use driving the back-up trailer.
We then headed towards Albany along the Lower Denmark Road and Marine Drive to Emu Point. Along the way Ray was spotted parked at the top of Bolt Terrace. His bike had decided to take a rest, and again it was thought to be best to put it on the trailer and discover the problem later. Ray had only recently finished restoring the Ariel and it looked magnificent, so hopefully its only a teething problem.

So the back-up vehicle ended up with more Ariels on the car than the manufacturer originally intended ha ha.

Youngs Siding, bikes were parked everywhere.
There seems to be more visitors than usual in Albany over the Christmas/New Year period so to find somewhere quiet for lunch can be difficult. The park opposite Rose Gardens is ideal, spacious and never busy while everywhere else was packed.

Lunch stop.

It was a most enjoyable day, great to see so many people. Thanks to Bob Boyes who towed the well-used backup trailer.

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