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February 2019 Club News

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Another successful Hospice Ride

Stopping for a break at Elleker Store.
Once again Garry Taylor has organised a very successful ride to support the Albany Hospice, which is funded largely from donations. There was a certain amount of preparation beforehand, with Chester organising the meat, Antoinet, the salad and Garry the buns etc.

On the Sunday of the ride the weather was very un-summerlike, as it was a bit damp, not hammering down rain, more like Welsh mist. So as Garry and Antoinet were preparing everything for the arrival of Club members the riders were meeting at the info bay.

With the conditions we were wondering if anyone would turn up, but 12 bikes arrived not including John and Kerry who had towed a bike down from Gnowangerup for the ride, although I can’t remember seeing it coming off ha ha.

Even though the weather wasn’t the best we decided to stick to the original plan, riding out to Elleker for a coffee and then the Wind Farm for a ride before arriving at Garry Taylor’s place.

The weather eased and it was dry at Elleker which was good for standing around chatting. Garry Dibble’s AMF Harley Davidson traill bike is a rare breed these days and it was good to see it out and about.
We then took the back roads around Robinson to the Wind Farm, the drizzle was a little heavier for this part of the ride.

None of the bikes were disabled, so not sure why we stopped here.
For some reason we parked in the “disabled bay”, I was thinking maybe a bike was playing up and the disabled bay was an appropriate place to park, but no, all the bikes were running fine, it was good to see Ian’s Matchless running well.

It was then time to ride to Garry’s place, he has a big yard which is handy as there were a variety of cars parked which was great as it certainly improved the numbers and added more coin to the donation jar.

Wendy showing how to scoop ice cream, John looks like he’s studying hard.
When you donated you received a raffle ticket. First prize was a fabulous jewellery/trinket holder made and donated by Chester out of jarrah, looked great and was won by Wendy. 2nd and 3rd prizes were $25 vouchers for Bevans Fisheries won by Garry Blake and Petra.

Antoinet showing her technique in throwing a 50c piece, as Raelene looks on.
Ronnie and Garry Taylor got stuck into cooking the meat and onions and we all piled in tucking into the delicious food, coffee and tea were on tap as well. It was time for a few games, throwing a 50c coin at a bottle and trying to end up as the one closest was very popular, with Garry Blake winning the prize of $25 cash.

Finally there was an auction of meat and the winning bid was won by Ray. All up $860 was raised on the day and the Club put in the extra cash to make up a cheque for $1000 to be given to the Hospice.

It was a great fun day, thanks to Garry, Antoinet and Ronnie, and also Ron and Petra who did back-up duties.

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