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February 2019 Club News

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Boxing Day Ride

Curving bikes in Denmark.
Christmas is over, so it's time for an afternoon ride to Denmark, it was a lovely day and there was a good turn out of bikes, members, guests and “Willow” the dog.
“Willow” the motorcycle dog with Dave Ward.

The majority went the slower way meandering to the Lower Denmark Road before arriving in Denmark.
Another group went a longer way enjoying the bendy Spencer and Denbarker Roads. Funnily enough we all arrived at roughly the same time.

Instead of stopping at the Pagoda by the river we rode past taking the first turning right down Jon Glade Road (if you get as far as the roundabout, you’ve gone too far).

This brings us to Kwoorabup Community Adventure Park with plenty of room for parking, an enclosed area complete with BBQ as well as all the usual amenities, toilets and water. Its a pristine area that’s quite hidden away.

Great facilities at Kwoorabup Community Park.
The only drawback is the lack of any coffee/ice cream facilities, so you have to bring your own. We stopped at the IGA and bought a couple of ice creams which are easy enough to carry - coffee might be a bit harder ha ha.

Cesco, Chris and the trees.
Meeting us there were Denmark members, Cesco, Geoff and daughter as well as Daniel from Bow River
After plenty of socialising we headed home. A lovely day for a ride.

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