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December 2018 Club News

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My Unfair Fine

By “Lucky” Guy Davies

To whom it may concern,
Having consistently ridden motorcycles for about 35 years throughout this country, this afternoon I received what for me was rather nasty little surprise upon returning to my motorcycle after having spent a lovely hour at Elizabeth Quay.

Parked up.
The offending ticket. As the above pic shows, I parked my motorcycle as always, right upon the centre line thus keeping the bays either side available for vehicles.

I then purchased a parking ticket (pic right) which I placed upon the fuel tank, feeling confident that I had done the correct thing, I headed off.

About an hour later I was slightly stunned when I returned to my bike to find a grubby parking ticket upon it, I quickly checked to see that I still had remaining time left on my meter ticket, then looking at the fine I noticed that it read that "Stopped a motorcycle in a bay not marked M/C"

I would like to see where it is written that a motorcycle is not allowed to park within a car parking bay, as I do see this happening all the time. Also as previously pointed out the parking of my motorcycle did not in any way prevent vehicles from using the bays either side.

Motorcycle bays at various locations around the city can be scarce, and rather often they are already occupied, so now I am asking "where should I park"

I am a member of the BMW Motorcycle Club of WA as well the Albany Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Club, with the two above questions I do look forward to hearing from you soon, so that I can inform fellow club members of where The City of Perth's standing is when it comes the parking of motorcycles.

“Your explanation and point raised about the parking of your motorcycle and motorcycles in general has been noted.
FYI: The City of Perth Parking Local Law 2017 states:
2.3 Stopping or parking generally
  (4) A person must not stop a motorcycle in a parking bay or metered space unless:
     (a) the bay or space is marked “M/C”
or (b) a sign applying to the bay or space is inscribed “M/C”

The infringement has been issued correctly however, on this occasion due to the circumstances stated the matter will be withdrawn with the recording of a caution and no further action will be taken.
I would point out, however, that the same leniency may not be shown on future occasions.

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