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December 2018 Club News

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By Kate Woodward (Bob and Roma’s daughter)

Bob and Roma Woodward set off from Perth in December 1951 on a BSA 600 single cylinder motorcycle with an attached sidecar, which Bob made from a packing crate.

Ron and Bob on their way to Kalgoorie.
Bob’s 12-year old brother Ron travelled with them until Kalgoorlie, where they put him on a plane flight home. From there, they set off across the Nullarbor. Their accommodation was a double sleeping bag swag that Roma made.

Dry bogged.
It took 19 days to cross from west to east. Some days they would travel all day and not see a soul except for inquisitive animals. The Nullarbor road in the west was little more than a sand track, but the east was noticeably better.
Heading east at the border of Western and South Australia.

To keep warm they put newspaper inside their clothing. They picked up jobs, such as fruit picking in Mildura along the way.
Bogged again, notice the raised mudguard.

Painting a relative’s roof enabled them to buy Roma a second hand leather jacket, which their youngest daughter Kate (Paul Fry’s wife), has since worn back across Australia on a motorbike adventure.

Roma, Bob, Meg the dog in chair.
They claimed a mangy hairless street dog in Mildura and called her Meg. Roma knitted Meg a jumper while travelling in the sidecar.

NSW border - Princes Hwy, not far from Snowy River.
Roma would sometimes climb from the pillion seat into the sidecar and visa-versa, while Bob was riding along. One day a policeman pulled them over and said, “Does the dog perform tricks too?” Roma was not impressed.

Bob and Meg the dog.
Roma and Bob returned to WA and soon after had their first of seven children. Meg travelled with them; her hair grew back and she lived a happy and long life as their family pet on a dairy farm in Narrikup where she died of old age. Roma Woodward 1924-2005. Bob Woodward 1922 - 2011.

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