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October 2018 Club News

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Motorbike Soccer, BBQ and Bonfire in Torbay

Story by Antoinet and pics by John Mac

Ronnie with thumbs up.
For quite some years now we have had a motorbike soccer, BBQ and Bonfire party at our place in Torbay. Itís been always great fun to socialise with friends while watching the wild motorbike soccer and have drinks and a barbeque afterwards. And of course there was always a bonfire to light.

This year was our last party here in Torbay as we got the place on the market. The first people came in the afternoon for a coffee and cake/biscuits. Some stayed the whole afternoon/evening and some went home. It was nice to see everyone and some had a go at soccer but there was not too much interest in it this year.

Garry is either heading the ball or trying to miss it, either way its giving Ronnie and Paul a laugh.
They still had a nice time kicking the ball though and going for a ride in the wet paddock. Luckily no injuries this time!

This is how you safely light a fire!
Before lighting the barbeque we all took off into the paddock to light the bonfire. It wasnít as big as other years but still very nice to see it go up in flames and it was safe to stand near it to get warm.
Flames into the night.
It was a cool but calm evening and once the flames had gone down a bit we all moved back to the shed to light the barbeque and start cooking sausages, chops and steaks.
Colin, Warwick and Leanne keeping warm, while Antoinet looks on in the shadows.

There were plenty of yummy salads to share which is always so nice. John and Kerry had come all the way from Gnowangerup and had a long drive ahead of them. It was great to see them and thank them again for the amazing evening/night we had at their block near the Stirlings in May.

Night time postie bikes.
We had two fire-drums going but the temperature dropped pretty quickly, time to go to bed. John camped in the granny flat and Andrew camped in his Kombi.

The next morning I got up early and it was 0 degrees. The fire-drums were lit again and when everyone got up we had coffee and breakfast in the sunshine.

Another successful party. Thank you to everyone who has come over now or in the past, we have some great memories of the fun evenings here in Torbay.

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