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October 2018 Club News

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2018 RIDE and AGM

Photos: John Mac

Joe and Paul about to leave the info bay.
We had a great turn-out for this year’s “Ride and AGM” with between 30 and 40 attendants. The weather was perfect, which maybe helped, but it was rewarding to see members make an effort to attend the AGM.
At last Charles has his Moto Guzzi in the country.
Once we left the info bay we rode around Marine Drive (looked magnificent on such a nice day) to Elleker for a coffee break and to meet some more members.
Checking the cCub's plug, Elleker.

After much socialising we continued along the Lower Denmark Road past Youngs Siding, then Link Rd and Menang Drive before arriving at Ron and Petra’s place, which as you can see from the photos was a perfect setting for the meeting.

Ron, Antoinet and Ian at Ron’s place.
There was plenty of room to park bikes and cars and the area where we had the AGM was perfect with plenty of room for everyone.

Ron and Petra, with help from Chester and Trudy, had prepared a great lunch.
Lunching at Petra and Ron's.

When we arrived we were all welcomed with pumpkin and vegetable soups which was delicious.

We then had the AGM and monthly meeting. This all went very smoothly, the committee basically the same except for Ian Grant retiring from Assistant Secretary, after having done it for 16 years and Bob Boyes taking his place.
Excitement building at the AGM.

So thanks Ian for your past work and looking forward to working with Bob in the future. After the meetings we then had lunch which consisted of freshly cooked roast meet and gravy in a roll, and coffee or tea.

Everyone then socialised, and a bit later watched Petra hoon around the house on Bob’s KTM.
All in all a great day.

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