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June 2018 Club News

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Tuning Day & Sausage Sizzle

Enjoying scones and blue sky.
Well, thatís the general idea, a tuning day with a snagger thrown in, but this day there was very little tuning, but plenty of socialising and sausages sizzling on the BBQ.

Actually the forecast was for torrential rain and thunderstorms so we werenít expecting many to turn up, but... Garry Taylor was first to arrive with pergola, chairs and urn, donít know where the Club would be without him.

All that was put up ready for eager Club members to arrive - or would they? Then Warwick turned up with home-made biscuits, very nice and to top it off Raelene had been busy making scones together with jam and cream - delicious.

Funnily enough the word must have got around about the food as 20-30 members arrived, brilliant, plenty of riders too (not scared of a bit of rain).

Kim under pressure.
Back to the tuning. Kim brought his 900 Honda around and straight in the shed it went, he thought it might need some air in the tyres, a slight understatement, but I donít want to embarrass him by telling you how little was in there. Anyway after googling the correct pressure that was done.

Joe and Don talking about Donís latest acquisition - 1955 BMW R50.
Next Don roared in on his 1955 BMW R50, lovely original condition, Don wasnít sure of the correct solo position of the forks as there are two settings, one for sidecar, and the other for solo. After checking, two bolt positions were altered, and that was it for the day.

Garry did a great job cooking the sausage and onions.
Back to the sausages (after the scones and biscuits were devoured): Garry Taylor was the masterchef, doing a brilliant job on the BBQ.

Chris bought some lovely non-fancy sausages that were a hit with everyone, doused in a bit of sauce with a dash of onions it was worthy of any world class restaurant.

By the time everything was eaten the sky turned black and I mean black, and there were a few drops of rain as we started to take everything down. Then after sheltering in the shed for 10 minutes it stopped and the rest of the backyard was cleared.

Riders were disappearing at an alarming rate as the sky darkened again, they obviously realised that the first shower was just a prelude and the downpour was about to come... and it did. It was very well timed.

Thanks to Chris for organising the food, Garry for cooking it and bringing the pergola etc and for everyone who turned up, see you next time.

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