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June 2018 Club News

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Stirlings Camp at John and Kerry’s

Terrific campsite view.
John and Kerry had invited the Club out to their block, which is next to the Stirlings National Park, what a great place with fabulous views. A lot of work had gone into organising the weekend with help from son Trent on the Saturday. Portable toilet, tables laid out, plates, knives, forks, ice box, carpet on the shed floor, gramophone with records, wood organised, shed immaculate and decorated with fancy lights - brilliant.

To encourage members to come if they didn’t want to sleep on the ground it would be fine to bring caravan, campervan or whatever. The majority of members rode out, although in two groups, the bitumen mob and the dirty mob.
Adrian enjoying the dirty ride.

Both groups had a good ride on a glorious day, I was with the bitumen mob and we rode through Wellstead to Pallinup River picnic area where we had lunch.

Stopping for a break on the way to John and Kerry’s block - Stirlings in the background.
We then took the Borden Road which when heading north gives you a magnificent view of the Stirlings. When we arrived the riders were busy setting up their tents.

Chris Prescott with his tent with no poles.
Chris Prescott was having to improvise, hanging his tent off a tree as he’d forgotten the poles. The urn was on the boil and afternoon tea was provided, with Kerrry and Raelene making a cake.

Bob showing a lot of flare.
After watching Bob Boyes playing with flares and Colin and Leanne showing us their refurbished 4WD camper it was time for a beer and nibbles, which there was plenty.

The Royal Wedding was on at the same time as our camp, but we had our own princesses,
this lot are giving the royal wave I think!
The not-so-royal finger wave.
Ten royal princesses at our camp and available for a photo op - you wouldn't have expected it in the bush. Princess Claire missing from the shot because of urgent business elsewhere.

Coonacs for snacks.
Wes and Barb had prepared a feed of lamb for everyone which was delicious. Nobody went hungry, we even had a large amount of coonacs to eat. The evening then turned into a 60’s,70, record session even with dancing - some never seen before, the Friesland variety had everyone enthralled with their enthusiastic moves. John later demonstrated air guitar on a broom - he obviously should have been on Red Faces.

Fire was roaring on a starry autumn night.
Sitting around the fire chatting is always enjoyable. Come 2.30 am it was time to turn in, as it wasn’t long before we were up again to the smell of Wes cooking bacon and eggs on the BBQ.

Brekky scenery was lovely.
Kerry had also made delicious muffins, which warmed together with coffee and tea was a great way to start the day especially when the view of the Stirlings was looking so good.

Bob doing the housework while Chris supervises.
We all took our time sitting around chatting before packing up the tents and other portable accommodation and heading for home

It was a fabulous weekend and hopefully we’ll be able to do it again. Thanks to John and Kerry for all the work that they did and also Wes and Barbara who did a great job cooking and providing the meat. The ride home was again in glorious weather, great weekend.

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