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June 2018 Club News

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Gary's Ride and Shoot Day

Leaving the gathering point.
What a great day that was. Gary Dibble not only organised a great ride, but also the weather was perfect for late April, 30 degrees C and not much wind.

At the info bay a large group of members arrived and after a briefing from Gary were handed route sheets with questions to answer - we were all well prepared bringing our pens or pencils.

Off we went through Lower King to Nanarup answering questions as we went, all good fun. Then a u-turn and back down Hunton Road to the “Rusty Bikes” - how many was the question, we reckoned 7 as scooters don’t count and neither does a contraption that looked like a shopping trolley gone wrong.

Bakers Junction break.
After a break at Bakers Junction where Chester brought out some of Trudy’s delicious cake we were off again, looking at weighbridges and road signs for the questionnaire.

Eventually we arrived at the Sporting Shooters Associations Club at Muttonbird Beach Road. We were greeted by a very hospitable group of shooters who had, with the help of Gary assembled a large amount of sausages, buns and salad, drinks were also available. Not forgetting the cake and coffee later.

Gary then held a raffle with lots of prizes donated by Albany Motorcycles, the day was getting better and better and we hadn’t even started on the rifle range yet!

The shooting gallery.
Documents signed, names on the board and five at a time we aimed our rifles on the 50 metre range using five rounds of ammo for a practice shoot.

After inspecting our score it was time for the recorded shoot - Ronnie was out in front. We then had a chance at a timed target, you get 3 seconds to shoot before the target disappears. Off fired another 5 rounds.

Ronnie was pipped at the post by me ha ha ha, I had a final score of 88.1 and Ronnie was 88. I got the extra 0.1 for a bullseye (that was out of 100). But we all did very well getting very good scores. I think Ian might have won really, but he fired at the target next door and lost 10 points - its very competitive Ian ha ha.

Having a go at pistol shooting.
Afterwards those that wanted to could try their luck at pistol shooting. Thanks Gary and members of the SSAA for a brilliant day - and also thanks to Don who towed the trailer.

Unfortunately we left the key on in the Sunbeam and the battery was flat when we went to leave, it was difficult trying to push start it there, so decided to leave the bike with Bill Wellington, take the battery home, charge it and pick it up the next day.

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