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June 2018 Club News

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Fun in the Sand

By Loose Bruce

Just a little bit of sand.
Our mate said he would organize an overnight dirt ride to his new block near Watheroo. A small section of 200m of nasty sand he said. So find some starters and meet him in Toodyay 9am Sat morning. There were four GSX1400 sidecars, Kylie on DR650 plus three other solo dirt bikes.

Head east to pick up gravel road and away we go. Road just graded and no wind made for some very dusty riding. Eventually reach the rail line north of Goomalling and follow all the way to Wongan Hills for fuel and lunch.

Kylie looking relaxed after reading the sign.
Weather was great for riding, 26 deg and cloudy. Followed some good gravel roads north-west till we got to this No Through Road sign.

“Sand ahead”, Lang says. No problem lets go. Well we didn’t get too far. 200m turned out to be more like 600m. It was like riding on dry beach sand, and even the solos struggled to get through. Let tyres down to 10psi push and pull and get going with lots of RPM in 2nd gear. Luckily our mate followed in his 4 x 4 ute and he towed Barb and Clive’s sidecars through in convoy.

Two hours later we continued to Watheroo pub to wash out the throat dust. Get a message to say Denzil who rode up from Perth on tar was bogged in driveway, which was when Lang mentioned that there was a bit more sand in to the camp site.

More riders getting bogged in just a little bit more sand.
10km of tar to block to be greeted by more sand into block. Which was over 1.5km to camp site. Turns out Denzil got towed out and went home. Crank up bikes and go for it. Lang makes it , but the other 3 chairs bogged.

Ute to the rescue and we all got towed through slowly just on dark. Set up camp and watch massive lightning storms all round us but no rain.

Kylie totally stuffed and into bed. Rest of us not far behind. Lang takes us for a drive around in 4 x4 next morning. 2,300 acres of useless sand country with mallee oil trees attempting to grow for carbon credits.
Surrounded by national park so more roos than you can poke a stick at.

Time to leave so try a different track out. Some towed and some make it unaided. Head home on the tar looking at rain clouds south. Get to Bindoon before one thunderstorm drenches us.

Slept well Sunday night.

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