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December 2017 Club News

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Bring Your Oldest Dirt Bike Ride

or: the day the dog jumped out of the sidecar! By Clive

Mixed group of bikes.
Unfortunately I can't give you much of a run report this time as Stu and I were the only club members to turn up, but we had five others on the dirt ride, and this time we put on a road ride to the pub as well, lead by Stu's partner Rachel with another five riders.

We set of at 9am but by 9.20am I was heading for the vets as Jax my dog decided to jump forward out of the sidecar pulling off his collar and restraint to chase the bike in front as I was going too slow for him, this ended up badly as the sidecar ran over him, so my day’s ride was done.

Greenbushes pub.
I was told everyone else enjoyed the ride's with no further issues. Jax didn't break any bones but has some bark missing and is stiff n sore but he will Live to Ride another day.

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