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October 2017 Club News

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Cheynes Beach Ride

OK, The weather didnít look too good, so you all decided to stay in front of the fire, only a gallant four turned up for the ride to Cheynes.
Three airheads.

Chris did bring the back-up trailer out to the info bay, but with so few bikes and being as they were all BMWís we decided that we would be OK.

As we left there were a few drops of rain, but that soon cleared up and we had a nice 90 km/h ride to Cheynes Beach.
Coffee van closed.

We decided to head for the cafe where there is a undercover patio area where we devoured coffee and muffins, so it turned into a morning tea ride instead of lunch. While we were there the sun was shining and the bay looked great, and nobody around.

Bob putting the wet gloves on.
As we left the small community the sky was pretty black. The gloves I had on were warm but not waterproof so I delved into the panniers to get out my BMW water-proof ones. Perfect.

I had worn my open face helmet which turned out a mistake as anyone can tell you who wears one if it rains youíre in trouble. Even with a scarf the rain is like needles penetrating your skin.

So I was riding one handed at a slower speed than usual with my left hand guarding my delicate skin. But it didnít take long for the downpour to stop and for the sun to come out.

It was an enjoyable morning, thanks for the company Garry, Keith and John.

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