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October 2017 Club News

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Annual General Meeting and Ride

Grouping on the grass.
It was a beautiful sunny day for the AGM ride around the Albany countryside with an excellent turn-out of members on a variety of bikes.

Lovely gold BMW R90S.
There were truly a good cross section of classic bikes, with some interesting and nicely presented bikes of European and Japanese origin. And it was good to see Phil’s Triumph, Garry’s Ariel, Chris’ 51 BMW and my BSA Gold Flash out for a ride too.
Racy Honda VFR400R.

Firstly a meandering ride to Bakers Junction for coffee before riding around Hunton Road and back over the Kalgan River to the Aboriginal fish traps.

Unfortunately this was timed a bit badly as it was high tide and difficult to see the fish traps, wander out there at low tide and it gives a better idea of what its all about.. But nevertheless a lovely spot on Oyster Harbour that few Albany locals know about let alone visit.

Meeting underway.
It was then time to head to Chester and Trudy’s place in Catalina Road (where the trailer is kept) for firstly two choices of home-made soup, then the AGM followed by a BBQ which was readied by Trudy as the AGM was taking place.

The socialising carried on well into the afternoon before it was time to head for home. A huge thank you to Trudy (for preparing the meal) and Chester of course, its an ideal venue and we look forward to coming back next year.

Thanks also to Ron Allen for towing the back-up trailer.

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