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July 2017 Club News

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Tuning Day and Sausage Sizzle

More of a social day with a sausage sizzle and a little bit of bike tuning these days, but all good fun. For the first time the day started off a bit drizzly, so Chris and I weren’t expecting many to turn up, but we most probably ended up with the same number as usual.

Daniel made the trip in from Bow River, Phillip came down from Kojonup, Ronnie and Antoinet were having a final Club day before heading off on a “Round Australia” trip and Ross came in from Lowlands.

Arthur demonstrating the whistling TDC plug.
We had great fun with Arthur’s whistling spark plug invention, an innovative way of finding TDC, see story elsewhere in the magazine.

Ronnie checking out the electrics on Antoinet’s R80GS.
We tuned Ronnie and Antoinet’s bikes and Chris had fun exploring his newly acquired Triumph Tiger.
The shed was also a popular place to stay out of the drizzle.
Admiring Chris’ Triumph Tiger.

But the weather cleared, the pergola was put up and the BBQ was lit, the sausages sizzled away with various cooks, and anyone with the name of Garry seemed adept at cooking the snaggers.

We had a very pleasant couple of hours socialising before eventually people drifted off and everything was packed away.

Garry Taylor, chef extraordinaire.
Thanks again to Garry Taylor for the use of his pergola, chairs and urn and also the cooks who did a great job.

It's always difficult to work out how many sausages etc that we need, but Chris was spot-on this year and the food worked out well.

Aways a great morning, look forward to doing it again next time.

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