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July 2017 Club News

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Nullaki Peninsula Ride

by Chester

Only five riders showed at the meet point for a ride to the Nullaki peninsula. Although full cloud cover there was no wind and temperature was about 17 so really good weather for a ride.

We went via the big roundabout to Lower Coast Road as we had heard Menang had road works. We passed the Harley shop and there was about 50 bikes give or take 10 ready to pull out for a ride. As well as that we saw lots bikers out enjoying the day.

First stop Elleker for morning tea where Daniel caught up with us. We picked up a couple of strays here who asked to ride along but they pulled out at Cosy Corner. The road in Eden Road is full of twists and turns and I soon lost sight of riders as I was doing back-up and couldnít lean into the corners.

Arriving at the Denmark estuary.
We eventually caught up at the lookout on Nullaki Drive over looking Wilson Inlet. While we were lunching there we were entertained by a large sea eagle soaring back and forth below us and also the odd pelican.

Daniel, Ian, Mike and Barry.
We must have enjoyed each otherís company as we didnít draw stumps till about 2.30 in the afternoon. Mike kept his promise of not breaking down on the way back near Torbay as he didnít want a repetition of his last encounter.

One of the lads suggested I should have gone with the other big mob if I wanted to make use of the trailer.

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