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July 2017 Club News

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Autumn Old Bike Ride

Coffee at Youngs
It was a drizzly, cloudy day in April and as I’m dragging the 650cc BSA out of the shed, I said to Chris you sure you want to go? “Yes, of course,” so out came the 500cc Sunbeam too.

Chris made some rolls, coffee and packed the saddlebags. Right, I thought as we rode along to the info bay, this’ll be quick, nobody there and we’ll be home back home in a minute.

Gathering in the drizzle.
Instead of that there was a variety of bikes at the meeting point and the older bikes outnumbering the newer ones. I think we all thought the same, and was a bit surprised.

Mark and H2 Kawasaki.
As it turned out the drizzle stopped on the way to Youngs Siding and we had good riding weather, no breakdowns so far and it was good to see Mark cruising past on his beautifully restored H2 Kawasaki and not afraid to get it wet either.

After a chat it was time to kick the bikes over and head along the Lower Denmark Road and Marine Drive to Emu Point.

Emu Point meeting.
You could see the rain further out towards Lower King, but we were in the dry. Taking over the pergola we had a (relatively) dry seat and enjoyed a chat, with hot coffee and chips to go with the rolls, most enjoyable. It was great to see Heather, Raelene and Linda turn up to join us for lunch.

Thanks Warwick for towing the back-up trailer and great to see it wasn’t needed.
It was a lovely slow ride, maybe we should have more of them.

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