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April 2017 Club News

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2017 Indian Harley 2 Day Rally

by Antoinet

Massed motorbikes.

Lots of sunshine when we left to go to Bunbury for the 2 day rally. Andrew and Ray rode with us to Denmark for a coffee stop. Bob and Chris arrived a bit later on their 1982 R100CS BMW with Goanna sidecar.

Ronnie was riding the 1983 Moto Guzzi California 2 (the Indian he has been riding for quite some years has been sold recently) and I was on the 1985 BMW R80GS. This was going to be a nice test for when we go around Australia early May.

The bikes were loaded up with all the camping gear, clothes, food and “some” cold beverages. We had a lovely ride through Walpole, Shannon national park, Manjimup, Donnybrook and went to visit Mike and Isabelle at their beautiful property before joining Huw and Phillip at the camp ground in Bunbury.

It was nice evening catching up with friends and watching the moon shining bright.

Even more massed motorbikes.

After breakfast all the rally riders met at the canteen. A lot of beautiful old machines were lined up all ready for a ride through the nice countryside. The Indian Harley Club had made some changes to the rally. You would now get a bar-code that had to be stuck onto your helmet. This code would be scanned at each checkpoint.

The ride took us through some beautiful areas, a lot of them all new to us. We had stops in Busselton and Dunsborough. The weather was perfect; warm and sunny.

That night the ladies of the Indian Harley club had been very busy once again to cook up a storm for all the hungry riders. Bruce and Kylie joined us for the evening with lots of laughs from all of us when we had to do the quiz.

The next day up early and ready to go on another great ride along the beautiful roads this part of the world has to offer. We stayed for the presentation and raffles were drawn. Huw was very lucky once again for winning a prize: best presented European bike.

Huw and his white R60.

I think this is the 3rd time Huw has won this prize, no surprise though because all his bikes are immaculate. Well done Huw!

1915 BSA model K.

We said our goodbyes and thanked the club for another great weekend. I think this is our 9th time here and it is one of our favourite events of the year.

Bob, Chris, Ronnie and I rode down to Hamelin Bay where we booked into the caravan park. We were planning to stay two nights but the weather forecast wasn't very good at all so it was decided to head home the next day. We had lots of laughs when Bob and Chris taught us a card game, I've forgotten the name of it but I think some people who camped there as well haven't forgotten us playing it. Laughter all around.

We packed up and headed home, getting soaking wet riding to Walpole as my wet weather gear is not very waterproof. 

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