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April 2017 Club News

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Rally, BBQ and Cheque Presentation

Bikes parked at Emu Point.

Today was something different. It started off with the Gary Dibble rally/quiz. I think this is the first time the bike club has done something like this.

Gary on his BMW R75/7.

Gary had worked out a route where you had to discover the answer to clues that were located in different places around Albany.

We were each given a sheet and the first question was at the info bay. It was hilarious, its a long time since we’d been to school and getting the brain working in a different direction resulted in some hilarious comments.

Bayonet Head look-out, this clue took a bit of figuring out too!

With the first question answered (we think) we headed off for the next clue to look for the answer, this time at the Bayonet Head lookout. It was a revelation to some that the place existed as being locals we don’t go there, only tourists, crazy isn’t it?

The morning continued with us tearing off to one place after another eventually ending up at Emu Point searching for the answer to the question “What are the signs with SS in it?” We had to get five. By then we needed a coffee break being intellectually exhausted.

Then it was to the port and up the top of Mt Melville before ending at the Albany Volunteer Fire and Rescue Station where all was ready for us to BBQ our lunch.

Lunching at the fire station.

Hot and cold drinks were provided, and being such a nice day a coldie was most enjoyable. After lunch the Club had the pleasure of presenting the Albany Volunteer Fire and Rescue crew a cheque for $4000, proceeds from the 2016 Hill Climb Weekend. They were most grateful stating that it was their main donation for the year.

Of course the crew from the Service donate their time over the Hill Climb Weekend on the Saturday and Sunday helping out with the Poker Run and marshalling on the Sunday.

Anne, Gary’s helper then read out the answers to the questions from the morning’s rally/quiz, no prizes, just the pleasure of getting them right, or nearly right.

Eventually it was time to head off, a great day. Gary was getting pressured into doing another Rally next year, we hope he will.

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