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April 2017 Club News

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The Maranup Ford Weekend

The weekend started off on Saturday morning at the Haz Beenz Cafe on the Foreshore at the Breakfast Fund-Raiser for Julie who was heading off around Australia for 12 months on her Indian raising awareness for youths affected by traumas.

Unfortunately there was a huge power outage throughout the Great Southern which prevented any coffees for a while, but the snaggers were cooking away on the gas fired BBQ’s.
There were quite a few people to send off Julie, who I think was glad to be on the road. You can check out her website to see how she’s going.

Julie happy to get to Walpole.

Chris and I stopped for a coffee at Denmark before catching up with the others in Walpole where a very excited Julie was pleased that the old Indian Scout had made it so far.

Andrew (right) with his superb 250cc BMW.

After lunch it was on through Manjimup and Bridgetown to Maranup Ford. Andrew’s loaded-up 250cc BMW never ceases to amaze me, the number of kilometres that bike travels. We were following at an average of 85km/h, sometimes quicker, up steep hills a little slower, but it just keeps on rolling.

You often hear riders with old bikes, but much larger capacity reluctant to go further than the coffee shop, when here’s Andrew, no back-up riding it all over the place, brilliant mate.

Andrew erecting tent.

There was a good crowd already set up at the camp site. We have a fabulous spot reserved, on a beautiful shady, grassed area. Bruce organises it every year as relatives of his own the place.

We’re right next to the well-decked-out campers kitchen as well, couldn’t ask for better. The only nuisance was the amount of March flies, they were thick (although not only there, we encountered them on the way up too). The brave ones (humans) in shorts were kept busy hitting themselves.

Happy Hour at Maranup Ford, great spot for a great weekend.

We had a excellent social night before hitting the sack.

Coffee at Balingup.

Next morning was bright and sunny, great for a ride through Greenbushes to Balingup for coffee before heading down the brilliant Balingup to Nannup Road to have a look at the music festival there - interesting.

Gordon's BMW R75/6.

Chris and I then headed home as we needed to get back that day. Steve Collins joined us on his Triumph, another lovely ride through Northcliffe, Walpole and Denmark.

Maranup Ford is a great place for the busy Labour Day weekend, we’re lucky to be able to ride to such a good spot. Some stayed for the Saturday night, some came down for the Sunday night and others stayed for the whole weekend. The owners of the caravan park, on private property, are very accommodating.

Don’t forget to put it in your diary for next year $12.50 a head is very good value these days. Thanks again Bruce and rellies.

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