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February 2017 Club News

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Bring Your Oldest Bike Ride

pics by John Mac

Lunch stop at Emu Point Park.
There was an excellent turn-out for the ďBring Your Oldest BikeĒ ride with many members who have old bikes bringing them along. It was good to see Bruce down from Perth and Ross from Torbay way on his Honda 350cc twin as well as Dan who had ridden the Ariel Red Hunter down from Bow River.

Itís not very often you get the chance to see a Brough Superior on the road, it goes and sounds as good as it looks too.
We set off at a leisurely pace to Youngs Siding for our first stop in perfect weather, and all the bikes going well.

The Troublesome Triumph Trident.
But when we arrived at our coffee break Steve was having trouble with the ignition lights on his Triumph Trident, after plenty of input from enthusiastic bystanders the fault was traced to the fuse holder not making a good connection with the fuse, fixed that and it was fine afterwards.

Arthurís lovely Ducati SD900 at Youngs Siding.
After leaving Youngs Siding Ross was having trouble with the Honda and decided it would be prudent to take it home, as he lives nearby, and change it for his beautiful seventies R80/7 BMW.

It must be like the Bermuda Triangle around that area as shortly after Mikeís 125cc Honda decided that enough was enough and unfortunately it was put on the trailer. Mind you Mike wasnít hanging around beforehand as he zoomed past us like we were standing still.

Ahh, I like my BMW Steib outfit, its great to ride and thereís plenty of room if youíre taking lunch with you.
The rest of the ride was uneventful, but also excellent with the view from Marine Drive at its best. Shortly after we arrived at our picnic spot at Emu Point where Kylie met us.

After a casual lunch it was time to head home. Thanks to Phil and Lurline for going back-up, they went the extra distance dropping Mike off at home. It was an enjoyable and entertaining day.

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