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December 2016 Club News

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Motorbike soccer, BBQ and bonfire

Story by Antoinet, pics by club members

Kym having a laugh.Another fun weekend in Torbay. For many years we have had the motorbike soccer, BBQ and bonfire at our place.

This year we had people arriving at 12.30, keen to get started. The urn was hot and cakes were ready. A nice catch up with everyone before testing out the bikes in the paddock.

Getting the snaggers cooked.
There were a lot of postie bikes this year. Ronnie was very sad he couldn't join in after his operation on his asparagus vines as he calls them (varicose veins).

Andrew ready to get wet.The weather wasn't too good and the soccer finished pretty early, time for drinks, nibbles and a chat.
We had some young visitors so the barbeque was lit to cook sausages and steaks.

The BBQ gets the thumbs-up.
Off we went to the paddock to light the bonfire. Thank you to everyone who came over and it was great to see friends from Perth making the trip down to Albany.
Jacob enjoying the bonfire.

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