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December 2016 Club News

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Bring out your Oldest Dirt Bike Ride

Story and pics: Clive Oakes

Meeting in the bush.The first “Bring out your Oldest Dirt Bike Ride” on 15th October 2016 started on a very wet Saturday morning in Sawyers Valley.

We had six starters on five bikes, my old dirt bike was suffering from gearbox issues so Ann, Jax and I rode backup on the combo.

Eddy’s Triumph Metisse and behind Richard’s Velocette.We only had one issue with Eddy’s Metisse getting a fuel blockage. With 100ks of easy but wet gravel roads behind us we all had an “Old Biker Burger” at the Green Hills Pub.

The small but plucky group in the dry.It was a great day, so we will do another ride after this coming summer’s heat has eased a bit.

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