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December 2016 Club News

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Hospice Fund Raiser and Poker Run

Pics by Garry B & John Mac

Taking off from the Wind Farm.What a great ride and good fun. And we raised (with over 30 Club members and family present) $383.55 on the day for the Albany Hospice. The Club at a previous meeting had agreed to put in $400. So in total the cheque we’re donating to the Albany Hospice is $783.55. This money is needed as the hospice funded mainly by the Albany community.

We started the day off with a Poker Run, dealing out a card at the start, another at the Elleker store, then the Wind Farm and finally two cards at Garry and Marie’s place.

Admiring Steve’s BSA and Chris’ AJS at Elleker.The weather was a bit cool starting off and a coffee was welcome at the Store. Geoff and Ike joined us there. The Wind Farm was going full steam, although the sun was shining, and it was good to see Wendy and Andrew arrive after being in Manjimup.

We then played follow the leader to the Taylor’s house where Garry and Marie had first of all a hot drink and then lunch under control. No sooner had we got off the bikes and headed to the patio there was a short downpour - good timing. Lunch consisted of a delicious home-made hamburger and salad.

Getting and checking cards.In the meantime we checked the poker hands and Garry Taylor won first prize which was a $100 voucher from Camping Kayaks 4x4 with three 9’s. Worst hand was 8 high which Barry Robson won, and he received a $50 voucher from Camping Kayaks 4x4, 173 Chester Pass Rd, Albany. They’re supporting us, so support them, but when you do, say you’re from the Albany Vintage & Classic Club and at the end of the year we get a cheque from them.

Garry Taylor getting close to the bottle, but not close enough.After lunch we set a bottle of wine up on a table and the game was to slide a coin and try to get it as close as possible to the bottle. It ended up with a 3-way tie, so we had a play-off with Chester, Lurline and Garry Dibble. Chester won and he received the bottle of wine plus a selection of jams and chutney that Marie had produced and put together.

Ian’s grandson, Jack, did a good job of picking up the coins and adjudicating which coin was the closest.
Thanks to Garry Blake for going back-up and a special thank you to Garry and Marie Taylor.

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